Who we are

I always search for a reason for my actions. The most important thing is quality - quality of thinking.


Like any little girl I probably thought about design in general rather too much. My mother was a person who favoured the process of decoration in our home. That was my first experience of interior design. I remember how she was decorating the kitchen cabinets with the wallpaper. It was very unusual and individual. I grew up in the 80’-90’ I feel like it was a golden decade based on how it is remembered through movies and films that were produced.
People in the 80’s were all about very individualistic personalities.
My career in interior design was just about natural ability to analyze harmony and beauty around. It was so natural that I couldn’t even imagine more. I liked it. But it took a lot of courage to get heavily involved in the whole process, sometimes it was too hard to organize the work process well.
When people think about interior design they only see the visual side, actually all that is wrong. Interior design is an important part of our life. The function of interior design is deeper, our home is an expression of us and the way how we think and make decisions in our daily life.
I have the greatest respect for all of the interior designers and architects from history. They each loved interior design in different ways - each one loved floral patterns, like William Morris, minimalistic approach like Ludwig Miles Van Der Rohe, Tadao Ando with his philosophy to merge a building with its surroundings, futuristic shapes of Zaha Hadid.
Recently I was involved in the architectural academic research which changed my ideas and believes towards architecture and design in general.
We live in an interesting and rapidly changing time. But I assume that the interior design still has a number of basic principles from the past and all of them work good. One of the most principles my design based on is symmetry and proportion by Vitruvius and Da Vinci. I believe that architecture depends on symmetry what Vitruvius calls the “proper agreement between the members of the work itself”.That’s a kind of relationship of the proportion. I like the phrase “ what people consider beautiful has been examined for thousands of years”. Our intrinsic sense of what we consider “ beautiful” may come from symmetry and proportion.
I am sure that the future is more interesting than the past. We can use all the past experience in different ways, creating new ideas. Ideas are our creativity. The ideas should have common sense, logic and intelligence.
I don’t believe in “trendy interiors” as well as “trendy colors”. I also think that the word “trendy” is overused. I believe in “ intelligent design” and that the biggest in the interior design is to make design for decades. It’s the first and the foremost characteristic of well done work. I love working against cliche’s interior ideas and the aim is to feel the client feel comfortable.
What I do, when I design - is to organize reasonable usage of beautiful and comfortable things and methods together based on my professional experience.