The resulting dialoque between the architect and client is the essential first step in the design process and lays the foundation for a successful work. It is a meeting of minds that can be intense and even intimate and rewarding. It's only by asking the right questions about the requirements and wishes of a client and their family - that a meaningful and accurate programme can develop for a project. There's a whole category of questioning around practical and functional requirements including the number of bedrooms or the need for dedicated spaces for work or relaxation and a client's dreams about how they see their house matching their lives.


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We really need to get to know the clients and understand what they want from a project. For myself, I also want to know if they are willing to experiment and do something different to anything that we have done before... And  it's good to think that we will earn something not just from the project but also from the clients because it's a collaborative process.



Every project begins with the collaboration with a particular client we discuss the architecture, the interior style, the budget, the materials, the color scheme and the accents. And only after all this useful information we can start the project.

Any new project is like a challenge ... Can You do it better?

If You are interested in working with me I would love to hear from You.