Perfect lighting

 Successful lighting can bring a house to life. Lighting comes bottom of the purchase list when it concerns to design a house. The best time to start planning lighting is at the start of a renovation or planning a new building. Its very important that lighting design be considered at the earliest stages, around the same time as the plumbing work is being undertaken.
Its essential that You need to think about the furniture layout and decoration, for example pictures, before you begin to plan lighting.  You can achieve a balance of different light sources used at various intensities, to play with lighting temperatures and to achieve the best lighting scheme for Your design project. You can create a variety of effects. The creative possibilities are endless, using frontlighting, backlighting, downlighting, or edge-lighting. Shelving can be lit horizontally or vertically, too, for an extra dim mention.
Stunning effects can be created by lighting columns with a light recessed into the floor, close to the base, so the light will go through the side and produce dramatic effect at the top part.
You can always use dimmers in order to alter the ambience of the room.
Designing an open plan space where different activities are carried out that’s so helpful to use different light levels to separate areas and create distinct zones within the room imparts a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Defining areas can be achieved in different ways: to lit the central point, for example, dining area, a side table with the flowers, the sculpture near the wall and etc. Very interesting to discuss linking zones like halls, corridors that physically join rooms and spaces together.  These spaces are usually without any furniture and its difficult to predict the position of the focal points but that’s a great place for some interesting lighting effects. In a hall with a low ceiling lighting the floor with recessed low-level lightings.
Creating focus is about playing with contrast. The more lighting object will stand out. Its important to analyze the whole lighting scenario in a particular space. The lighting can be by the table lamps, pendants, recessed down lights,up lights, the great thing is that You can control the lighting scenario separately. 
At the same time You can define features. Lighting is a great tool for emphasizing the architectural features within a home. 
In a contemporary house it may be the stairs, the texture of the walls, the material of the ancient vase on true floor just to show some contradictions and imperfections.
In a traditional home the highlighted features may be a column, a fireplace, staircase, windows, architectural details like a door trim, the arched opening